Erotic shower with escorts at Felina Valencia

Erotic shower at Felina Valencia

Have you ever tried an erotic shower? You can enjoy this exciting experience with beautiful escorts at our brothel in Valencia. Come to know us and relax with an escort under the gentle touch of water on the skin!

Sex is the set of peculiarities that lead individuals of male and female species towards the act of reproduction. These days sex is no longer meant only for breeding, but rather its aim is very different from what was conceptualized. Eroticism, pleasure and orgasmic feelings felt by men and women alike in sexual intercourse have evolved this group.

Not everybody has his/her partner to get laid with every night, or they aren’t as good as they wished they were and that is why whorehouses and escorts are the ideal professionals for satisfying these sexual needs. However, there are many practices and services that come close to hardcore or softcore sex. It all depends on one’s tastes.

Do you dare to give it a try? Pay attention, for we are going to show you how our clients at Felina Valencia find it.

What is an erotic shower?

As we were saying, eroticism is the seductive and sensual path to sexual desire which is irresistible for more than one person.

It is very common for foreplay to be the perfect launch pad before the penetration, but how to move from a simple masturbation to a nice foreplay?

An example thereof is the erotic shower. The hot water, body-to-body contact and caresses given by both the persons to each other are the ideal combination that causes those sexual feelings to explode that you may be harboring in your most primitive and erotic desire.

How are the erotic showers at Felina Valencia?

The erotic shower is another service that can be classified as one of the mild but sensual services at our whorehouse. Many of our customers ask for it from the escorts working at Felina Valencia, for a shower can be a nice way of getting into action and getting aroused more than what is usual.

The spacious showers at Felina allow the comfortable entry of two persons for playing and letting their imaginations fly. This service includes a sanitized kit with towel, bed sheets and carpet. Both the client and the escort girl strip and start their unusual entertainment wherein they soap each other and play with all parts of each other’s body, the client’s private parts to be precise, while probably giving him a handjob.

However, there are three classic positions to enjoy an erotic shower like never before at Felina Valencia. If you want to know what they are like, keep reading and you will be surprised.

Postures for a very erotic erotic shower

Hot-tub Hug

You have never imagined being the protagonist of an adult movie, in which a couple has sex in the shower, and… well, the guy penetrates the girl in his arms.

If you have ever desired to practice this position, you can make it happen at Felina Valencia, since in our showers it can be one of the most sensual and provocative ways of fornicating for enjoying nice sex.

Hammock Position

It is another one of the mythical images that can be practiced by the client by sitting on the floor of the shower and having the escort sit on top of him. The cowgirl game in a wetter version, it can be performed by the girl who will be penetrated by the customer’s erection.

Surprise Position

One of the favorite positions of men, and especially our clients, is to bang an escort from behind.

Well, this position focuses on the penetration wherein the girl is on all fours on the floor, and you can imagine the rest…

In short, erotic showers can be a very nice foreplay because of their sensual and relaxing characteristics. However, we would like to clarify that it is very important to use a condom if one wishes to penetrate the girl.

Now what are your thoughts about showers? Enjoy the special erotic shower with escorts from Felina Valencia. Call us on +34 961 053 154 or +34 677 000 222. You can also write to us at the email or fill up our contact form.

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