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Brothel in Valencia: Passion room

The Passion Suite is room 5 at Felina Valencia. It is a luxurious and spacious room that invites pleasure and lust. Its beauty lies in the simplicity of its design; completely white wherein the appealing wallpaper on the headboard gives a colorful touch.

A multi-position armchair for the clients to relax and let their imagination fly during their relationship. A huge side mirror and a huge mirror on the ceiling make sure that the client does not miss out on any details of any position and point of view during the moment of passion. A big fully white shower invites you to cool down before and after the intercourse. Air conditioning, clean bed sheets and towels for every service, and music makes the Passion Suite a great choice with all its advantages and comforts.

A room that arouses the most passionate side of any client.

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Felina Valencia
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Naturalista Rafael Cisternas Street, 6B
Street level 46010 Valencia


+34 961 053 154 / +34 677 000 222

Line 5 & 7 - Aragon Station.

10, 12, 32, 71, 80 and N1.

Parking close.

A 10-minute taxi ride from downtown Valencia. Beware of taxi drivers. Some of them may try to take you another brothel or club in lieu of a commission. Kindly remember that our brothel is never closed.