Types of fellatios at Felina Valencia

Types of fellatios at Felina VLC

Fellatios are one of Felina's star services. The escorts in Valencia who collaborate with us know how to perfectly carry out this most exciting and pleasurable sexual practice. Do you want to discover the types of fellatio they are capable of performing? Don't think twice and come to our Sex Club in Valencia!

The fellatio services at Felina are extremely varied. They are not only limited to discovering pleasure with the classic contact of the tongue with the genitals. These girls know how to go much further. They will discover a soft and at the same time exciting sensation while they perform a fellatio like no other on you.

We advise you to let yourself be carried away by the hands and tongue of these masters of pleasure. With the touch of his hands, the moisture of his lips and the play of his tongue, it will seem like reaching seventh heaven in a matter of seconds. Come and try it with these beautiful escorts in Valencia!

Do you want to know the types of fellatio with escorts that you will get at Felina Valencia? We'll tell you then!

Types of fellatio with escorts at Felina

Natural blowjob

blowjob is one of the most popular services at Felina. As we already told you in the post about what is the owo, it is done without a condom , so the stimulation will be much more pleasant. In addition, it is essential that an excellent harmony is created between the escort and the client , since it is a practice that requires a certain intimate character.

In addition, it is mandatory to take an erotic shower before practicing blowjob blowjob, so that the correct hygiene standards are respected.

Cum in the face (CIF)

As its name suggests, facial ejaculation consists of finishing fellatio on the woman's face, an image that will be difficult for you to forget. The cum in face (CIF) can be done or not at Felina Valencia with a condom, removing it just at the moment of ejaculation.

Cum in mouth blowjob (CIM)

You can also finish the fellatio inside the mouth of the woman who accompanies you, a most comfortable practice for the client. Worry only about letting yourself be carried away by the expertise of the escort in Valencia that you have chosen for this service.

Deep Throat

deepthroat throating can only be done by experienced women. As we tell you what deepthroat is, the woman performs fellatio by caressing the testicles with her tongue. When the time comes when you want to explode with desire, she will introduce your entire penis into her throat , so that your semen can enter directly into her throat.

Have you decided to come to Felina Valencia to try these different types of fellatio? Call us at +34 961 053 154 or +34 677 000 222. You can also write us to the e-mail info@felinavalencia.com or to our contact form.

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