Types of fellatios at Felina Valencia

Types of fellatios at Felina VLC

The fellatios are one of Felina’s star services. The escorts working with us in Valencia are perfectly well versed in this most exciting and pleasurable sexual practice. Do you want to find out what they are capable of? Don’t give it another thought and drop by at our whorehouse in Valencia!

The fellatio services at Felina are quite varied. They are not just limited to making you discover the pleasure through the classic contact of the tongue with the genitalia. These girls know how to go far beyond that. You will discover a soft and exciting feeling while they provide you with a matchless blowjob.

We advise you to let yourself be carried away by the hands and tongue of these pleasure teachers. With the touch of their hands, wetness of their lips and playfulness of their tongue, it will seem like reaching the seventh heaven in a matter of seconds. Come over and try it out with these gorgeous escorts in Valencia!

Do you want to know what kinds of fellatios are performed by these girls at Felina Valencia? We are going to tell them to you below!

Oral Sex without Condom, Cum in Mouth and deep throat at Felina


The OWO is one of the most popular services at Felina. As we had told you in this post, it is performed without the condom, which makes the stimulation a lot more enjoyable. It is also essential to create an excellent harmony between the escort and client, since it is a practice that requires a certain intimate relationship.


In addition, it is mandatory to have an erotic shower before practicing the OWO so that the proper hygiene norms are abided by.

Facial ejaculation

Just as its name goes, the facial ejaculation is concerned with ending the fellatio by cumming on the woman’s face –an image that will take some forgetting. The CIF can be practiced with or without condom at Felina Valencia, taking it off right at the time of ejaculation.


You can also end the fellatio in the mouth of the woman accompanying you. It is the most comfortable practice for the customer. All you need to worry about is letting yourself get carried away by the skill of the escort chosen by you for this service in Valencia.

Deep throat

The deep throat can only be performed by experienced women. As we were telling you in another article, the woman provides a blowjob by caressing the testicles with her tongue. When you feel like ejaculating, she will introduce the entirety of your penis into her throat in such a way that your semen can directly go into her throat.

Have you made up your mind to come and try these different types of fellatios at Felina Valencia? Call us on +34 961 053 154 or on +34 677 000 222. You can also write to as at the email address info@felinavalencia.com or fill up our contact form.

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