Erotic Shower

Erotic shower with escorts in Valencia

It is very common for a sexual couple to have an erotic shower as foreplay. Hot water, body-to-body contact and caressing each other's body are a dose of excitement that paves the way to sex.

We have spacious showers where two persons can fit in comfortably here. Regardless of the time hired by the client, it is mandatory to have an erotic shower before having sex and there is nothing quite like doing it with a good slut.

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Erotic shower at Felina Valencia

After hiring the service, the whore will come in with the disinfected kit for the client: towels, bed sheets and carpet. They will undress each other mutually and will together have an erotic shower. The escort will apply soap on your entire body, including the private parts, thereby kick-starting the sexual foreplay. Then you may continue having the shower, or walk up to the big bed. There are different sexual positions that can be performed in the bathroom:

- Hugging position: The client will hold the whore in his arms at the height of his genitals so as to penetrate her easily.

- Hammock position: The prostitute will sit on top of the client who will be sitting on the floor.

- Doggy style: The whore will rest her hands and legs on the floor and the client will enter her from behind.

Finally, we would like to remind you that prior to the erotic shower you always need to bring a condom on your own if you wish to have sex in the shower. The use of condom in mandatory.

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