Kissing escorts in Valencia

Kissing escorts at Felina Valencia

Kisses refer to the act of touching your lips with those of your partner or with a part of his/her body. Lips are a very sensitive area that leads to instant pleasure for both the kissing partners.

There are many kissing escorts at Felina Valencia. However, not all of them provide the same. It is advisable to talk it out beforehand with the whore in order to ensure that you receive this service while having sex.

Escorts providing Kisses

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Kim, naughty Latin prostitute

Types of kisses

There are different types of kisses, and it may entail a different meaning depending on how and where you kiss:

- Kiss on the forehead: A kiss on forehead generally means friendship or affection. It generally is a display of affection for someone.

- Eskimo kiss: It is a kiss that originated among the Eskimos, and is concerned with two persons, generally relatives, rubbing their nose against the other person's nose as a sign of some disease.

- French kiss: It is considered as the most romantic kiss. It deals with a person putting his/her tongue in the mouth of the other person. It has a sexual nuance, and many a times is practiced while having sex.

- Kiss on the hand: It is concerned with kissing the hand of a person whom you respect or worship.

- Kiss on the ear lobe: It deals with holding the ear lobe of the partner between the lips and slowly moving it up and down. The ear is a very sensitive erogenous zone that leads to an immediate arousal. This type of kiss also has a sexual nuance.

- Peck on the lips: This type of kiss involves kissing someone's mouth with a closed mouth. This kiss shows trust.

- Kiss on the cheek: This kiss entails kissing someone's cheek with the mouth closed. It is generally used as a friendly greeting in Spain.

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