Caresses, kisses and looks: Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

Caresses, kisses and looks: Girlfriend Experience in Valencia

Each man is a world, and as for his sexual tastes there is nothing written. For this reason, at Felina Valencia we offer different services adapted to the demands of our clients.

An example of these services, which in turn is one of the most demanded, is the " Girlfriend Experience ".

It is not easy to guess the meaning of this experience, which is none other than simulating "the treatment of a girlfriend ", in which one of our escorts behaves as if she were your partner . Appetizing, right? Stay to learn more about this service.

Many men feel lonely and lacking in affection in their lives, they seek to feel listened to and loved, hence many decide on the “girlfriend experience” in order to feel loved and accompanied.

One of the great differences of this service from any other is that the client can invite the escort to go out during her day, present her plans, and if she wants, accompany you, as your girlfriend would do.

In this sense, sex is second, a more personal and intimate experience prevails that may or may not end in the sexual act , that is up to the client.

What to do in a Girlfriend Experience?

What you would do with your girlfriend, that simple. Throughout the agreed time, she will do all the caresses you want, you can kiss her, walk with her by the hand, go to dinner or even go together to an event.

Still, another reason why this service is hired is to enjoy the escort while having sex with her as if she were your girlfriend, that includes looks, kisses and caresses. This therefore implies greater interaction with the girl when compared to a conventional service .

Advantages of a Girlfriend Experience

Those who hire this service do so because they are single and do not even consider maintaining a "serious" relationship. However, they do not want to give up feeling loved and experience what it is to have a partner even for a certain time and for a set price.

However, implicitly, there is a risk that you will fall in love with the girl, which means that she does her job really well, but dear, don't forget, she is still a girl you have paid to spend time with you.

Another point in favor is that "your partner" will always be good, he will put a good face on you and he will be willing to do anything you propose by being kind and affectionate at all times .

There is no compromise involved, which undoubtedly offers freedom for the client. You can hire a GFE with a girl and come back another day to have a good time with another, etc. and not feel judged.

GFE outside Felina Valencia

Thanks to the studies and training of our girls, you can take them to fairs, congresses or other types of events in which they will know how to function freely, converse with other people and exchange opinions.

They are much more than a body of scandal , discover their other virtues ... More information here.

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