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Anal sex or Greek sex, also known as anal intercourse, pedication or sodomy, is the sexual practice that consists of inserting the penis or a sex toy into the partner's anus. When referring to anal sex, anal masturbation by both men and women through the use of sex toys as dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, or a strap-on is also included.

Although there is a myth that the practice of anal or anal sex sex occurs exclusively in homosexual relationships, there are many heterosexual couples who enjoy anal penetration, even with the woman who has the dominant role. Anal sex can be very pleasurable for both men and women, in some cases being able to stimulate the G-spot or the prostate and reach orgasm.

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Recommendations to practice anal sex in Valencia

As in all sexual practices, anal sex must be consensual between both members of the couple. If you decide to do this practice, it is very important to start slowly with gentle anal stimulation using your fingers, mouth, or a sex toy, and gradually dilate the anus with a lot of lubricant. Once anal penetration occurs, the penis or dildo must be introduced little by little, stopping whenever pain occurs.

Anal sex is a sexual practice that can be very pleasurable for both members of the couple. There is a physiological explanation for why both men and women enjoy anal sex:

  • In the anus there is a large concentration of nerve endings that make it an erogenous zone sensitive to stimulation, and can be even more exciting than vaginal intercourse itself. In addition, during intercourse, the contraction of the muscles of the anus is caused, increasing the pressure on these endings and, therefore, obtaining better pleasure. Thus, thanks to the number of nerve endings, the narrowness and the contraction of the anus, a more intense sensation can be experienced than during vaginal intercourse.

  • In the case of men, although there is no evidence of a G-spot like that of women, it is known that the anus is an erogenous zone that provides pleasure when stimulated. In addition, the pressure exerted on the muscles surrounding the prostate cause arousal and even the ejaculatory reflex of the penis.

During anal sex use should be made of an appropriate angle for penetration. The anus is narrower and less flexible than the vagina, which increases the risk of injury during anal penetration. For this reason, the use of lubricants and correct stimulation is always recommended. This practice should never be forced.

As in any sexual practice, hygiene is essential. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the anal area clean and, if possible, free of hair. In addition, in sexual relations in which both anal and vaginal penetration are desired, the condom should be changed every time the area is changed.

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