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The definition of a sexual fetish is the need for an object, body part, or material to achieve sexual arousal. It is necessary to differentiate the fetishist from the person who likes the use of certain elements, but who does not need them to achieve arousal. A true fetishist must always keep their fetish in mind in order to reach a state of sexual satisfaction.

Realistically, anything can become a fetish, it just depends on the wishes and preferences of the person. At Felina Valencia , many clients are looking for foot fetishism in Valencia, as it is one of the most common.

In the following list you will find many Valencia escorts for foot fetishism or to please any other fantasy you have in mind.

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Fetishes: history and types

The word fetish originally meant "charm" and is original to the 15th century, from the Portuguese word Feitiço. First of all, a fetish involved the transfer of energy from an original source to a substitute. Second, a fetishist was someone who operated outside the circle of what is considered characteristically normal.

There are different types of fetishes:

  • Material: Fetishists become obsessed with a certain material: fetishism for leather clothing, latex, rubber or silk, etc.

  • Form: There are fetishists who become obsessed with a form of a certain object: fetishism for stilettos, high boots, etc.

  • Animated objects: They are considered human fetishes: hair fetish, foot fetish, chest fetish, etc.

Valencia escorts for foot fetishism at Felina

At Felina Valencia, many girls are advertised as offering foot fetish services in Valencia and they will also be happy to satisfy any other fetish you have in mind.

So now you know, if you have a fetish and you don't dare to tell about it, come to our luxurious and discreet facilities and make your fantasy come true.

Whores and escorts for fetishes and more services

At Felina VLC you will find hookers and escorts for foot fetishism in Valencia, but if you fancy some other extra service, you can find information here:

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