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Oral sex without condom (OWO) is one of the most demanded sex services at Felina Valencia that deals with providing a blowjob to the client without using a condom, which means that the cock comes in direct contact with the whore's mouth.

There are different terms for it: blowjob without condom, fellatio without condom or natural French. However, men love it regardless of what it is known as.

Escorts providing OWO

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Oral sex without condom at Felina Valencia

Although there is no instruction manual that teaches how to provide a good OWO, you can come across many escorts at Felina Valencia who do it to perfection. Listed below are some of the tricks used by these sex professionals to assure a good fellatio:

- Comfortable position: Providing a natural French service can often turn out to be somewhat exhausting. The women must, therefore, position themselves in such a manner that they can comfortably bear and keep up with the pace.

- Foreplay to fellatio: It starts with kisses on the genitalia and you slowly keep moving upwards to the top of the penis. It is the most sensible and pleasurable part of a man. It is scientifically known as glans and has a slightly different color from the remaining tool. The sense of touch on the glans with wet lips before inserting the same in mouth is highly enjoyable.

- Deep and full: Once the dick is aroused, the escort will go on to take it deep in her mouth, and will suck and massage it gently from top to bottom. The tongue can be used to turn on the man.

- Massaging with the hand as well: The hand and mouth combo will end up driving the man crazy.

- Ejaculation: When the client cannot contain the arousal, he takes out the penis from the escort's mouth and ends up ejaculating on her face with an air of domination about him.

If you are a man and want to undergo a sexual experience with real professional sluts providing an OWO, come to Felina Valencia and relish the best company in Valencia.

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