Strap On

Strap On

Sex toys are an external sex element that breaks the monotony and helps you try out new ways of getting turned on.

According to the Center for Sexual Health Promotion of the Indiana University, 41% men and women have used a vibrator during foreplay. And up to 37% men and women have used it for an intercourse.

Sex toys not only provide pleasure to women but the vibrators also add to the sexual desire of men, the erectile and orgasmic function and ensures sexual satisfaction in relationships.

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Sex toys at Felina Valencia

Below are some toys that you can ask for at Felina Valencia.

- Male masturbator, also known as stroker, is a cylinder in which the penis is inserted before penetration. It has a bumpy texture inside that stimulates a man while the outer side has nodules to turn on the woman.

- Vibrator or Dildo: As mentioned above, it is the most used sex toy by women. It looks like a dick. Most women use it for masturbation in private. However, sharing it with your partner can be very arousing for the couple.

- Strap on dildo harness: It is used for lesbian sex and also for anal sex between a man and woman.

Kindly let the escort know if you want to take any of our toys on rent. We have a whole gamut of sanitized sex toys at Felina Valencia.

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