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The Valencia analingus, also known as the hummingbird kiss, anilingus or rimming, is a sexual practice that consists of performing oral sex in the area of the anus, that is, using the tongue and lips to stimulate the anus in order to excite the couple. Rimming can be highly exciting between two lovers, the lips and tongue are softer than fingers, a toy or a penis, which for many becomes the best way to stimulate the anus, both for the receiver and for the other. transmitter.

There are still many taboos around this sexual practice. Many men continue to consider analingus or anilingus as an exclusively homosexual practice. The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, so the simple act of performing a analingus can lead the person to a guaranteed orgasm. The stimulation of the anus through oral sex is very exciting for both men and women regardless of their sexual orientation.

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Recommendations to practice the analingus

Before practicing this practice with analingus Valencia hookers in a sexual relationship, it is advisable to take into account a series of hygiene tips. Both to receive it and to give it, it is recommended:

  • Thoroughly wash the anal area with lukewarm water. Soap is not recommended as it could irritate the mucosa.

  • Wax the anus area. It is not an essential requirement, but it is highly recommended since, in addition to taking care of hygiene, it also facilitates the practice of anilingus.

  • Perform the analingus in the position of the puppy or 69. As they are positions of little difficulty, they facilitate the realization of this sexual practice. Doggy style allows you to clearly see the anus and easily move your tongue in and out.

  • Before starting the analingus, it is recommended to stimulate the partner's genitals with the mouth or hands. In this way, both of you will be excited when you start practicing anilingus.

  • This sexual practice is a perfect preliminary to anal sex since by stimulating and dilating the area it facilitates penetration.

  • If you want to combine oral sex with analingus, it's best to always leave anilingus for last so as not to spread germs from the rectum to the vagina.

Whores for analingus: how to practice it?

There is no single way to practice analingus. Here are some tips for your first time with a analingus escort 

  • Lick the anus from top to bottom with a flat tongue.

  • Gently kiss the area with your lips.

  • Press your tongue against the anus and gradually begin to move it up and down and from inside to outside.

  • Lightly lick around the anus with the tip of the tongue.

Analingus escort at Felina Valencia

The escorts who collaborate with Felina Valencia, and who offer the analingus service to their clients, begin the sexual relationship with an erotic shower to ensure the hygiene of both the client and the analingus escort. In our Sex Club almost all the escorts are willing to receive the analingus, although not all practice it. Below you will find the list of escorts in Valencia who practice the analingus. Even so, it is advisable to indicate to both the manager and the escort that you want this service before starting the appointment.

If you need more information about anilingus, have questions about this service or want to book an appointment with an escort in Valencia who offers analingus, you can contact us through our contact form or by calling +34 677 000 222.

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