Cum in the Mouth, CIM

Escorts providing CIM in Valencia

What is the CIM?

Oral sex with ejaculation in the mouth is known as the Cum in Mouth (CIM) or complete blowjob. The blowjob is a sexual practice concerned with the introduction of male genitals in another person's mouth for stimulation. Oral sex has been represented in a thousand artistic ways since ancient times, but it is today that we can talk about it more openly and practice it without any shame or taboos.

The CIM is a very enjoyable sexual practice for both the person performing it and the one receiving it, though we must bear in mind that not everyone likes to practice it. We shouldn't confuse it with Snowballing, which is concerned with exchanging the semen by kissing immediately after ejaculating in the partner's mouth. Snowballing is what happens after the CIM. It is a sexual practice that is often related to the Bukkake, but the latter is performed in a group.

Escorts providing CIM

Passionate Mexican escort in Valencia: Samy
Frida, sensuous Latin prostitute in Valencia
Girls for dating in Barcelona, Consuelo
Girl for erotic massage with a happy ending, Blanca
Blonde prostitutes for dating in Barcelona: Nicole
Alexandra, argentinian slut in Valencia

Tips for practicing the CIM

In a sexual practice like the Cum in Mouth, which involves a direct contact between the mouth and the genitals, a good hygiene is essential. That is why it is important to follow these tips:

  • Before starting oral sex, the genital area should be cleaned adequately.
  • It is not advisable to engage in oral sex without using condoms if wounds are observed on the genitals or the mouth, or if it is suspected that any of the partners are suffering from a contagious disease.
  • In order to bring down the possibility of contagious diseases, it is not recommended to swallow the semen.

The CIM at Felina Valencia.

In the following list, you may see the escorts providing the CIM at Felina Valencia. If you wish to have a date with a girl who offers the CIM, we advise you to specify the same to the manager upon your entry into our whorehouse and talk it out with the chosen slut before the service commences.

At Felina Valencia, all the sex services start with an erotic shower so that both the whore and the customer can ensure that the genital hygiene is up to the mark. If any wounds are observed on the genitals or the mouth or if there is any suspicion of some contagious disease, the escort may refuse to provide the service.

Generally, the escorts providing the CIM are often also willing to perform Snowballing, though it is always recommended to confirm the same with her before starting the service.

If you need more information about the CIM service or if you want to make a reservation with an escort providing the same, you may get in touch with us through our contact form or by giving us a call on +34 677 000 222.

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