Erotic Sado

Erotic Sado in Valencia

Sado is the abbreviated form of sadomasochism, and is used to refer to the act of deriving pleasure through pain. Deriving pleasure from being ill-treated is called masochism.

The name sado or sadism originated from the work of Marquis de Sade, in which it has been explained how to enjoy dominating women. We must distinguish sado from BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism). The latter is inclusive not only of sado but also masochism. In BDSM one member is domineering while the other is submissive. Sadomasochism is an erotic game wherein the domineering partner gets pleasure from ill-treating and humiliating, while the submissive partner gets aroused by the fact of being ill-treated.

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Erotic Sado in Valencia

Different types of sex toys are often used to engage in a sado session:

- Masks: Generally of latex and some with gags.

- Handcuffs: Handcuffs or other things that hamper the mobility add to the arousal of both the domineering and the submissive partner.

- Nipple clamps: Nipple is an extremely sensitive area. Clamps can be used as a source of pleasure by increasing the arousal.

- Whips: The domineering partner uses it to punish the submissive partner.

At Felina Valencia, those escorts offering the Erotic Sado sex service while having sex engage in a lighter variant of sadomasochism, with a somewhat submissive attitude while having sex using costumes and sex toys. A very arousing erotic sado roleplay will add a spicy touch to the rendezvous, in which you can fulfill many domineering fantasies.

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