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The mythical Kamasutra is the ultimate sex guide. Of Indian origin, it is renowned for its description of the art of lovemaking with all kinds of indications and illustrations. Kamasutra has a total of 64 'arts'. Its name means the art of lovemaking, and so does its positions.

There is just one chapter that describes how to make love. However, the name Kamasutra, which is the title of the entire book, has been generalized and confined only to the sex positions, which is just a chapter of the said book.

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Kamasutra's positions

Mentioned below are some of the sex positions illustrated in the book. The fact of engaging in different sex positions helps in breaking off sexual monotony and reaching the orgasm quickly, for some poses facilitate the stimulation of the G-spot, others of the genitalia, while others pave the way for anal sex.

- Toad: The man sits on the bed next to his partner who has her legs entwined around him on his back. She uses the strength in her legs to move up and down while the man caresses her clitoris and tits. She may have to slightly lean forward to facilitate penetration.

- The torrid triangle: At first look, the Glowing Triangle seems the same old missionary position –women lying on her back and man on top of her. However, the catch with this position is that the man gets up on all fours and the woman lifts her pelvis towards his penis so that he can penetrate her. The man stays in that position while the woman does all the work.

- Zen pause: The Zen Pause sex position offers a moment of peace in the middle of mattress madness. The man and the woman remain bound face-to-face, while the man keeps her tool penetrated in her, and their chests pressing against each other.

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