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Sex Fantasies with escorts in Valencia

Sex fantasies are erotic dreams that unintentionally come up in our heads and are usually a taboo. Most of our erotic fantasies can generally be made to come true, especially with the help of the sluts at Felina Valencia.

Almost 95% people, both men and women, have erotic fantasies and are, therefore, unfaithful. According to a research conducted by the University of Granada, women have romantic fantasies more often than men who have the same only twice a month. Men, however, fantasize more often about having sexual flings concerned with being promiscuous and engaging in an orgy.

Sexual fantasies must be distinguished from sexual desire, for the former is a figment of imagination while the latter is a real emotion.

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Sex Fantasies

Below are some of the most common sexual fantasies:

1.Boss and Employee

56% women and 61% men have sexual fantasies about having sex in their office with their colleagues at work.


Many women dream about having a man whom they can obey, after the saga 50 Shades of Grey. Women dream about a man who forces them to engage in all types of sex services.

3.Being an exhibitionist

Brett Kahr confirmed that 19% people fantasize about being observed while having sex, and another 5% fantasize about being stripped off in public.

4.Being a voyeur

Looking at or spying on while others have sex or walk around naked.

5.The Stranger Fantasy

There is something sexy and mysterious about the unknown. In fact, the LELO Global Survey found that having sex with a stranger is a common trend this year.


This is the most common fantasy among men and is on the hike among women. The LELO study has revealed that 20% women have had a threesome this year.

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