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Escorts for couples at Felina Valencia

We offer services for couples here at Felina Valencia wherein a man and a woman can relish the company of a bisexual escort. A threesome is something that many people fantasize about but there is little information about actually doing it.

Threesome is not like having sex with your partner, in which imagination and sensitivity is needed, but rather a sex session wherein everything needs to be planned beforehand, thereby agreeing on the sexual services offered by all members concerned, and one of the partners acting as the boss.

Escorts providing Services for couples

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Escorts for couples at Felina Valencia

Below are some of the basic rules for a satisfactory trio. The couple service can be performed with a man or a woman, although in most of the cases it is with a woman.

Services for couples - Rule No. 1

The wishes of both the partner and the escort must be respected. Request in advance the services that you wish to receive and the receptionist shall introduce you to the whores providing the said services. In no case can an escort be forced to do something that she doesn't want to.

You are also advised to talk in advance with your partner in order to see the degree of sexual interaction needed by the two of you with the escort. Some women let their man engage in all types of contact with the slut except for penetration and kisses, in which case the same must be communicated to the chosen mistress in order to avoid any confusion. Kindly bear in mind that any woman can suddenly get jealous. So kindly make sure that none of the two women are ignored, and pay special attention to your partner.

Services for couples - Rule No. 2

Don't expect both the women to give 100% of their attention to you, for services for couples are about pleasing the partner and the escort and getting pleasure from both of them. Sometimes the greatest pleasure lies in seeing your partner having lesbian sex with the escort.

The most important thing is to be active and well-mannered to give and get an unforgettable threesome.

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